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Cloich Excavations

Trial Excavations at Cloich

Over a chilly but bright weekend in December, members of the field-work group, and asserted visitors, undertook trial excavations at Cloich in an attempt to shed some light on the origin of the possible crop-mark spotted by Bob Knox on a 1948 RAF aerial photograph of the area.

A series of trial trenches was opened over the presumed line of the crop-mark and possible associated features which had been revealed by the resistivity survey undertaken last summer.

Although differences in the subsoil may be due to the former presence of an enclosure bank, definite traces proved decidedly elusive!

As a result, the trial trenches did not fully resolve the origin or nature of the feature showing up on the aerial photograph.

However, its size and its location on sloping ground invite comparison with the turf-built sheepfolds that are recorded on the OS First Edition 6" maps, and probably dating to the late 18th/early 19th century.

Thanks are due to everyone who helped over the course of the weekend, and to lan Bertram, Shiplaw Farm for access to his land.

Trevor Cowie



24 Feb, 2013

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