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Eddleston Parish Project

Having completed work in Manor, the Society's field research group has now turned its attention to Eddleston parish.

The group is carrying out a comprehensive walkover survey. Preliminary reconnaissance revealed that while the lower flanks of the valley have been heavily improved, a range of previously unrecorded archaeological features survive on the higher ground.

As the project develops, detailed surveys will be undertaken as and when required. When fieldwork is restricted (eg during lambing), there is scope for the recording of standing buildings, graveyards (5) and so on.

It is also clear from published sources and from our own initial reconnaissance, that the improved ground may well prove amenable to field-walking.
For example, inspection of rough pasture at Shiplaw, at the very start of our initial reconnaissance, revealed a lithic scatter including Mesolithic material. The interim results of test-pitting suggest that we have located a short-stay hunter/gatherer campsite.

Archival and museum-based research is also under way, and this too promises to yield useful results, while we also wish to complement the fieldwork with specialist research on the historical documentary sources.



24 Feb, 2013

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