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2014 - 2015

Thursday 25 September 2014
Dr Chris Burgess  (Northumberland County Council Archaeologist)
“James Wis Robbed”- tactical decisions at Flodden

Thursday 16 October
Professor Malcolm McLeod
Theft, Smuggling & Money - illegal trading in artefacts

Thursday 20 November
Derek Hall (Archaeologist & Ceramic Specialist)
Always chasing the deer - the Scottish Medieval Parks Project

Tuesday 9 December
Eastgate Theatre
Dr. Gordon Barclay (formerly Historic Scotland)
If Hitler comes: preparing for invasion - Scotland 1940
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society: note change of day & venue

Thursday 15 January 2015
Dr Natasha Ferguson (Treasure Trove Unit, NMS)
Treasure Trove in Scotland:
recent archaeological finds from the Scottish Borders

Thursday 19 February
Ross Murray (Headland Archaeology)
Discovering Edinburgh’s lost friary:
excavations at the Old High School, Edinburgh

Thursday 19 March
Murray Cook (Rampart Scotland)
Through the keyhole - the larger picture from smaller holes:
excavations at White Castle Hillfort

Thursday 16 April

AGM & Members Evening


2013 - 2014

Thursday 19th September 2013
Helena Gray (CFA Archaeology)
The Ardnamurchan Transitions Project – the Viking Boat Burial
A talk about the recent discovery and excavation of one of the most important Norse graves ever discovered in Britain

Thursday 17th Oct. 2013
Emma Stewart (Forestry Commission)
Wilsontown Ironworks
The story of the first ironworks in South Lanarkshire. In the late 18th century, Wilsontown was a thriving community of 2000 people. The site is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Tuesday 12th Nov. 2013
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society
Derek Alexander (National Trust for Scotland)
Digging for a Victory: the Archaeology of Bannockburn
Until now, there has been no archaeological evidence to prove where exactly this important battle took place. The hunt is on to find the site in time for the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in June next year.


Thursday 16th Jan. 2014
Lesley Ferguson (RCAHMS)
Wanderings with a camera: the travels of Erskine Beveridge
Wealthy Dunfermline linen manufacturer Erskine Beveridge was a respected historian and antiquary. He was also a keen photographer and his records of his journeys around the country provide a fascinating insights into late 19th century Scotland

Thursday 20th Feb.2014
Strat Halliday (formerly of RCAHMS)
In with the bricks: antiquaries & surveyors in the shadows of the past
The history of archaeological survey in the Border counties – the people, personalities and working practices that have shaped our understanding of the archaeological landscape

Thursday 20th Mar.2014
Dr Anne Crone (AOC Archaeology)
Excavations at Auldhame, East Lothian
Uncovered in 2005 during routine farmwork – an early medieval chapel & graveyard with 240 burials, some dating from 680A.D., overlying an Iron Age promontory fort.

Thursday 17th April 2014
AGM/Members Evening
Short talks on a varied subjects preceded by a short AGM & followed by refreshments. All welcome


2012 - 2013

20 September 2012
‘Cash or Cache: Romans, Natives and Coins
in Late Antonine and Severan Scotland’
Nick Holmes (National Museums Scotland)

18 October 2012
‘Maritime Musings’
Bob Mowat (formerly of RCAHMS)

16 November 2012
‘Excavations at Ness of Brodgar, Orkney’
A special guest lecture on this amazing site – as seen on TV
& recent winner of the Research Project of the Year Award
Nick Card (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology)

17 January 2013
‘Historical Archaeology in East Africa’
Daniel Rhodes (NTS)

21 February 2013
‘Trusty's Hill, Rheged and the Picts of Galloway’
Ronan Toolis (GUARD) & Chris Bowles (SBC)

12 March 2013
‘The Romans in the Borders - new finds and thoughts’
Fraser Hunter (National Museums Scotland)
Joint meeting with the Tweeddale Society

18 April 2013
AGM & Members Evening


2011 - 2012

15 September 2011
George Haggarty
National Museums of Scotland
‘From Acorn to Oak Tree: Scottish
Pottery c1750 to c1850’

20 October 2011
Tertia Barnett
Hon. Fellow, Edinburgh University
‘Rock Art’

17 November 2011
David Caldwell,
National Museums of Scotland
‘The Lewis Chessmen’

19 January 2012
Speaker from The Hawick Hub (Scottish
Borders Archives)

16 February 2012
Alistair Hackett
‘Metal Detecting’

13 March 2012
Angus Miller
‘The in-between Land: Clues to a
Lost Ocean and the Collision of
Joint Meeting with the Tweeddale Society

19 April 2012
AGM followed by Members Night


2010 - 2011

16 September 2010
‘The Glenmorangie Research Project on Early Historic Scotland’
Alice Blackwell, National Museums of Scotland

21 October 2010
‘Scotland’s Rural Past Project’
Danny Dutton, RCAHMS

9 November 2010
‘The Earliest People in Scotland’
Joint meeting with the Tweeddale Society
Tam Ward, Biggar Archaeology

20 January 2011
‘The Roman Invasions of Scotland’
Rebecca Jones, RCAHMS

17 February 2011
‘Coal Mining in Scotland’
Brian Murray, Scottish Mining Museum

17 March 2011
‘Ancient Medicine’
Iain Macleod

21 April 2011
AGM Followed by Members Night


2009 - 2010

17 September 2009
‘The Early Christian Borders’
Chris Bowles, Archaeology Officer, Scottish Borders Council

15 October 2009
‘100 Years of Scotland’s National Aviation Collections’
Ian Brown, Museum of Flight, NMS

19 November 2009
‘Long Forgotten, Using Scottish Placenames to Identify Early Church Sites’
Frank Harkness

21 January 2010
‘The Gods of Trimontium’
Walter Elliot

9 February 2010
‘Births and Burials in the Borders’
Joint Meeting with the Tweeddale Society
David Rudrum, Borders Family History Society

18 March 2010
‘Early Gardens in the Borders: Recent Survey and Research’
Marilyn Brown, RCAHMS

15 March 2010
AGM and Members Night

top2008 – 2009

18 September 2008
‘Protecting Scotland’s Rural Past in a Time of Change’
Jonathan Wordsworth, Archaeology Scotland

16 October 2008
‘Five Thousand Years of History – Inspiring Learning’
Sue Mitchell, Historic Scotland

20 November 2008
‘Mapping the Edge of the World, RCAHMS Return to St.Kilda’
Ian Parker, RCAHMS

15 January 2009
‘Supernatural Power Dressing in Bronze Age Britain and Ireland’
Alison Sheridan, National Museums of Scotland

10 February 2009
‘500 Years of Scottish Printing’
Brian Hillyard, National Library of Scotland
Joint Meeting with the Tweeddale Society

19 March 2009
‘Illicit Stills in Peeblesshire’
Peeblesshire Archaeological Society

16 April 2009
AGM and Members Night

top2007 - 2008

20 September 2007
‘Medieval and Post-Medieval Finds from Scotland.’
Stuart Campbell, National Museums of Scotland

5 October 2007
‘The Romans in the Borders – what’s new?’
Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland

13 November 2007
‘Dry Stone Walling – a Living Art’
Richard Love, Dry Stone Walling Association
Joint Meeting with the Tweeddale Society

17 January 2008
‘Hands-on Heritage – Recent Projects at the Scottish Conservation Studio
Will Murray, The Scottish Conservation Studio

21 February 2008
‘Bronze Age Settlements and Iron Age Hillforts in Southern Scotland’
Ronan Toolis, AOC Archaeology Group

20 March 2008
‘The Adopt-a-Monument Scheme’
Helen Bradley, Council for Scottish Archaeology

17 April 2008
AGM followed by Members Night

top2006 - 2007

21 September 2006
‘Siller Holes – Medieval Lead Mining at West Linton’
Susan Oakes

19 October 2006
‘Roamin around Kintore – Excavations at Deers Den Temporary Camp’
Murray Cook, AOC Archaeology Group

16 November 2006
‘A Year in the 18th Century’
Fi Martynoga

18 January 2007
‘The Work of the Nautical Archaeology Society (Scotland)’
Philip Robertson

15 February 2007
‘Prehistoric Pots to Modern Mansions – Archaeology in the NTS West Region’
Derek Alexander, National Trust for Scotland

13 March 2007
‘Life and Death in Bronze Age Tweeddale’
Tam Ward, Biggar Museum Trust

19 April 2007
AGM followed by Members night

2005 - 2006

15 September 2005
‘Bone and Antler’
Andrea Smith, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

20 October 2005
‘Pictish metalworking’
Andy Heald, National Museums of Scotland

8 November 2005
‘Carved Stones Adviser Project’
Susan Buckham, Council for Scottish Archaeology

19 January 2006
‘Hilton of Cadboll project’
Heather James, Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division

16 February 2006
‘Aerial Photography’
David Cowley, RCAHMS

16 March 2006
‘Rediscovering Alexander Selkirk. Archaeology on Robinson Crusoe Island’
David Caldwell, National Museums of Scotland

20 April 2006
AGM followed by Members Night.

top2004 - 2005

23 September 2004
‘Stone Users in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea’
Karen Hardy

12 October 2004
‘Putting Scotland on the Map’
Diana Webster, National Library of Scotland.
Joint Meeting with Tweeddale Society

18 November 2004
‘Town and Country; Burghs, Lairds and Peasants’
Piers Dixon, RCAHMS

20 January 2005
‘The Scottish Life Archive in the National Museums of Scotland’
Dorothy Kidd, National Museums of Scotland

17 February 2005
‘Scottish Crannogs; Regional Diversity and Local Complexities’
Alex Hale, RCAHMS

17 March 2005
‘The Archaeology of Early Japan’
Alan Saville, National Museums of Scotland

21 April 2005
AGM and Members Night

2003 - 2004

18 September 2003
Strat Halliday, RCAHMS
'A Bronze Age Landscape'

16 October 2003
Speaker to be confirmed

20 November 2003
Bill Manley
National Museums of Scotland
'Tutankhamun the forgotten Pharaoh'

9 December 2003
George Dalgliesh
National Museums of Scotland
'Silver and Silversmiths, from Castles to Camels'
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society

15 January 2004
John Harrison
Landscapes: the new local history in Scotland

19 February 2004
Rory McDonald
Scottish Borders Council
'Archaeology and Planning'

18 March 2004
Richard Darrah
'Reconstructing Bronze Age Boats.'

15 April 2004
AGM followed by members' night.


19 September 2002
Bill Manley, National Museums of Scotland
'Tutankhamun: the forgotten pharoah'
This talk had to be postponed

8 October 2002
Geoff Bailey, Falkirk District Council
The Antonine Wall
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society

21 November 2002
David Easton, RCAHMS
WWII Defences in Eastern Scotland

16 January 2003
Steve Boyle, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
The Ben Lawers Survey

20 February
Olwyn Owen, Historic Scotland
The Vikings in Scotland

20 March
Douglas Speirs, Fife Council
The archaeology of Fife

17 April
AGM followed by
Members' Evening


20 September 2001
Karen Hardy
Scotlands First Settlers Project

18 October 2001
Anthony Newton, University of Edinburgh
 Pumice and Archaeology

15 November 2001
Alan Saville, National Museums of Scotland
Treasure Trove in Scotland

11 December 2001
Professor R Paxton
Robert Louis Stevensons family of Engineers
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society

17 January 2002
Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland
Native chiefs and Roman silver - excavations at Birnie, Moray.

21 February 2002
Lesley Ferguson, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
The National Monuments Record of Scotland

21 March 2002
Richard Welander, Historic Scotland
The Stone of Destiny
This talk had to be postponed

18 April 2002
AGM, followed by
Members Night.


21 September 2000
Paul Macdonald
Swords and swordsmen in Scotland

19 October 2000
John Burnett, National Museums of Scotland
Scottish sports in the time of Scott and Hogg

16 November 2000
Strat Halliday, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
RCAHMS in Eastern Dumfriesshire

Thursday 18 January 2001
Richard Gilanders, British Geological Survey

Thursday 15 February 2001
Piers Dixon, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
Rural Settlement in Southern Scotland

Thursday 15 March 2001
Lionel Masters, University of Glasgow

Thursday 19 April 2001
AGM, followed by
Graeme Warren, University of Edinburgh
The Mesolithic in eastern Scotland


30 September 1999
Chris Tabraham, Historic Scotland
Excavating Castles

28 October 1999
Bill Finlayson, University of Edinburgh
The first farmers: settling down in southern Jordan

25 November 1999
Laura Sinfield, University of Edinburgh
Human Remains
Venue West Linton

27 January 2000
Peter Dreghorn
Reivers and Bastles - the lawless days of the Borders.

24 February 2000
Katherine Eremin, National Museums of Scotland

30 March 2000
Dave Cowley, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
Hot stones in Peeblesshire and beyond
Venue West Linton

27 April 2000
Speaker: cancellation


24 September 1998
Richard Tipping, University of Stirling
The Changing Borders Landscape - Environment and Archaeology over the last 3000 years

29 October 1998
Walter Elliott
Romans and Roman influence in the Borders from the 1st century to the 5th century
Joint Meeting with the Tweeddale Society in the Burgh Hall.

26 November 1998
Mark Collard, City of Edinburgh Council
Persevere - recent work by the City of Edinburgh Archaeology Service
Venue West Linton

28 January 1999
Iain Macleod, Edinburgh Dental Institute
Robert the Bruce

25 February 1999
David Caldwell, National Museums of Scotland
Excavations at Finlaggan, Islay, the centre of the Lordship of the Isles

25 March 1999
George Dalgliesh, National Museums of Scotland
Relics associated with Charles Edward Stewart
Venue West Linton

29 April 1999
Richard Welander, Historic Scotland
Conservation of Finds


25 September 1997
Chris Burgess, Freelance archaeologist
Recent fieldwork on the island of Lewis

30 October 1997
Sally Foster, Historic Scotland
Picts, Gaels and Scots: early religious beliefs

27 November 1997
Caroline Paterson, National Museums of Scotland
`Pagan Norse graves in Scotland: old material, new approaches, recent discoveries
Venue: West Linton

29 January 1998
Doreen Grove, Historic Scotland
The Defence of Britain Project

10 February 1998
Patrick Ashmore, Historic Scotland
The Neolithic and Bronze Age in Scotland 4000-750 BC
Venue: Burgh Hall, Peebles (Joint meeting hosted by the Tweeddale Society)

26 February 1998
Peter Corser, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
Upland settlement in Medieval Scotland

26 March 1998
Ann Watter, Save Wemyss Caves Society
The Wemyss Caves and other Fife caves
Venue: West Linton

30 April 1998
Annual General Meeting
to be followed by
Mike Walton
Ancient Egypt


26 September 1996
Alan Saville, National Museums of Scotland
The Earliest Settlement of Scotland

23 October 1996
Richard Fawcett, Historic Scotland
Border Abbeys
Joint Meeting with Tweeddale Society in Burgh Hall

28 November 1996
Colin Richards, University of Glasgow
An elemental archaeology of Neolithic
Venue West Linton

23 January 1997
Dr. Francesca Ridgway, University of Edinburgh
Wall Painting in Ancient Italy -Etruria - Paestum - Pompeii

27 February 1997
Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland
The Music of the Celts - the Deskford Carnyx

27 March 1997
Susan Oakes and Thea Gabra Sanders
Siller Holes - New Light on the Fabric of Medieval Scotland
Venue West Linton

24 April 1997
Tam Ward, Biggar Museums Trust
Excavations Down Under - The pre-History of Melbourne (Dolphinton!)


28 September 1995
Robin Turner, Archaeologist, National Trust for Scotland
Managing archaeology for the future

10 October 1995
Tam Ward, Biggar Museums Trust
Borders Archaeology
Joint meeting with Tweeddale Society
Venue: Eastgate Hall

26 October 1995
Betty Willsher, St Andrews
Churchyards in the Scottish Border Counties
Venue: West Linton

23 November 1995
Professor Alexander Fenton CBE, Director, European Ethnological Research Centre, Edinburgh
Farmers' Diaries

18 January 1996
Dr Eddie Peltenberg, Department of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
Experimental archaeology in Cyprus

29 February 1996
Trevor Cowie, National Museums of Scotland:
`Tinkers and titles: the archaeology of fake Bronze Age artefacts from Scotland

28 March 1996
Dr Nick Dixon, Director, Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology:
Underwater archaeology and the crannogs of Scotland
Venue: West Linton

25 April 1996
Annual General Meeting to be followed by
Nick Holmes, Department of History & Applied Art, National Museums of Scotland
Roman coins with reference to Edston


22 September 1994
Alison Sheridan, National Museums of Scotland
The Role of the National Museums of Scotland in Scottish Archaeology

27 October 1994
John Dent, Borders Regional Council
The Role of the Regional Archaeologist

24 November 1994
Iain Macleod, Paleopathologist
The Face of the Past
Venue West Linton

26 January 1995
Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland
Death in Peeblesshire Past: Excavation at West Water Reservoir

23 February 1995
Strat Halliday, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
A Walk Through Your History

23 March 1995
Sally Foster, Historic Scotland
Preserving the Past for the Future: Who Cares?
Venue West Linton

27 April 1995
Walter Eliot, Borders Historian/Archaeologist
Picking up the Past, Discoveries Through Local Knowledge





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